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How to Start Selling on Amazon? Registration Guide for Beginners

Jan 17

Amazon is a great platform for selling products and making money. So Amazon is the best place to start if you have some products to sell. But if you're new to this world of selling on Amazon, it can be a little overwhelming at first! So many things need to be done before starting your business on Amazon account management. 

What is Amazon? How does Amazon work?

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site in the world, with over 500 million products for sale. It also has over 300 million active users and 100 million Prime members.

Amazon's business model is based on two main pillars. 1) selling items online (e-commerce) and 2) providing a platform to connect vendors with customers (Marketplace). The company offers both services through its website and mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. 

Amazon account management is an annual membership program that gives customers free two-day shipping on eligible items sold by third-party sellers on Amazon marketing consultants. In addition, customers can get unlimited streaming video content through Prime Video. Such as early access coupons when they buy something from one of these companies, which include Netflix Inc., Spotify Technology SA/NV…


General tips for the new Amazon seller

This is the right article if you are a beginner and want to learn how to sell on Amazon. Here we will discuss some general tips to help you start selling on Amazon.

Start small: Don't try too hard at first, and keep your expectations low before investing in the money and time required to start your business. Instead, focus on creating products that customers like when they have something better. Moreover, other brands offer them at lower prices or with better quality materials. The production process (for example, if no such product is available). Later take the help of an amazon PPC agency to promote your products.  

Take your time with things. Taking your time with things is important because it could become a disaster if things go wrong. A success story that would make matters worse rather than better eventually!

How to register

To sell on Amazon, you must first register as a seller. You will need the following:

A valid business name and address. It can be your real name or company name, but it needs to be in English (not in a language other than English). It also needs to be written correctly; if there are any spelling or grammatical errors on the form, Amazon will not accept it as valid.

A bank account with at least $100 in it from which funds can be withdrawn promptly for inventory purchases or other spending related to selling on Amazon (such as shipping costs).

How to list products

Click on "Manage Inventory" in Seller Central or enter "manage inventory" into the search bar at the top left corner of your screen (if you are using Seller Central).

Under 'Inventory,' click on Add New Item and select Listing for an existing product If you want to list all available variants of a single SKU or List Individual Items. Suppose you want to add individual products without listing any variants first.

Enter details about each variant per requirement (such as title, image URL, etc.). Some fields will be pre-populated based on default values like Price & Category. In contrast, others need manual input like Product name/Title/Description. So, ensure everything is filled in correctly before submitting the order!

What you need to start listing products

You will need to register as a seller and fill out several forms. Once you have these done, you are ready to start listing products on Amazon.

If you choose FBA, your manufacturer will ship the product directly from their warehouse and deliver it to your customers. In this case, we recommend that our customers use FBM because it allows them more control over how their products are delivered and handled during shipment.

How to deliver products

Most sellers tend to ship their products through the postal service, but there are alternatives. Amazon account management is one of them that can help you deliver goods in a faster way and more efficiently.

How to ship products using USPS?

Choose the correct shipping method for your product:

Add the package as an "Inventory Item" on Amazon and create a listing for it (if needed). You will have to select this option when creating your Listing if you use standard UPS or FedEx services instead of Amazon's shipping methods; otherwise, it will default back into USPS options once clicked upon.

The product detail page

The product detail page is where you can show off your products and make them easy to find. You'll course, you'll want to include all of the information potential buyers need, from an image of the item to its specifications and reviews 

You can also add links to other pages on Amazon in this space (such as customer reviews or related products), which will increase engagement with potential buyers.

How Fulfilment by Amazon works

A fulfillment center (or warehouse) is where your product will be stored before it ships out to customers; these warehouses are located all over the globe and serve as distribution centers for many retailers like Walmart or Target. Their main difference is how many products they store daily - some warehouses can hold thousands while others only have room for hundreds!

A team of people who handle customer service and shipping orders through their websites using tools. Like email marketing campaigns, social media posts/promotions, etc. But also through phone calls made directly from those sites themselves if needed too! It allows them to share not only info about products but also provides advice on how best to use them based on customer feedback received thus far."

You've made your first sale. What's next?

Keep in touch with customers. It is the most important part of selling on Amazon. You must ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases. So, keep an eye on your metrics and use them as a guide when communicating with them.

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Keep your listings up-to-date. Don't forget regular maintenance tasks like keeping product images current; adding new products. Moreover, updating shipping policies, removing reviews, etc. If you don't do these things yourself, someone else could take advantage of your mistake without realizing it.

What makes a great seller?

Good customer service. A good seller will always be happy to help you, no matter how many questions you ask or how many times you contact them.

High-quality products at competitive prices. When choosing which products to sell on Amazon, they must meet the highest standards possible If there's a possibility that someone could buy something similar but cheaper somewhere else (like eBay). It is also important when deciding whether it makes sense for them!

Moreover, accurate listings with accurate descriptions and photos also help you to become a great seller. You should also work on fast shipping times; competitive pricing policies. This way, you will always get positive feedback from previous customers who bought through those same sellers. So, this shows potential buyers why should they trust you! 


We hope this guide has helped you start your journey to becoming a successful seller. Please contact us if you have any questions, doubts, or concerns about starting an Amazon account management. We would love to hear from you!