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Flagstaff Point Lighthouse (Wollongong Head)

Aug 4

About Flagstaff Point Lighthouse (Wollongong Head)

Discover the stunning Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse, a historic and fully functional beacon in Wollongong's picturesque city. Nestled at the edge of the heritage-listed Wollongong Harbour precinct, this awe-inspiring lighthouse boasts a rich history and unparalleled coastal landscape views. Known by locals as the Wollongong Head Lighthouse or Flagstaff Point Light, this iconic structure is a must-see for any traveller looking to explore the beauty of New South Wales, Australia.

Discover the impressive Flagstaff Point Lighthouse, an engineering marvel constructed by the Department of Shipping and Transport in 1936. This lighthouse was a game-changer for maritime traffic in Port Kembla Harbour, featuring fully automatic flashing lights, a first of its kind in New South Wales since 1903. Built to withstand the harsh winds and splashing waves of the east coast, the tower is a testament to the innovation and resilience of human design. Don't miss the chance to witness this historic and awe-inspiring landmark.


What to do at Flagstaff Point Lighthouse (Wollongong Head)

Nestled atop Wollongong Head, the historic Flagstaff Point Lighthouse holds a coveted spot as the first fully automatic electric lighthouse in Australia. It's no wonder this impressive building was named a local government heritage site in 2000! But it's not just the lighthouse's legacy that draws crowds. With breathtaking views from its vantage point, this gem is a popular destination for picnics, scenic drives, and students from the nearby University of Wollongong. Explore the majesty of Flagstaff Point Lighthouse and discover what makes it a true standout among Australia's historic landmarks.

Discover panoramic views of the stunning ocean, majestic mountains, and vibrant cityscape with a leisurely stroll along the Flagstaff Point Lighthouse trail. Capture unforgettable moments with your camera as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the coastline. Embark on an adventure filled with photo opportunities and breathtaking landscapes!

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